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 The Plot
 Posted: Feb 15 2014, 10:49 PM

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Many years ago, three kingdoms united to create a military and cultural megaforce. They called it Tetel’ac and set their chosen leader, Michel (the Strong), on the throne. It’s only been nearly 150 years since, and already the kingdom has undergone the ups and downs prevalent in a land of such great diversities.

Tropical Kelyea, the countryside of Fexlund, mountainous Rodan and the newly annexed desert of Aknatar are still learning to co-exist, navigating religious, cultural and ideological differences that are sometimes peaceful – but usually not.

In the past twenty years two kings, Lucian LaRoux and Emanuel Augustine, were murdered and a new king of questionable motive and conscious has seized the throne. Beneath him, factions and parties grind and turn as some find his rise to the throne profitable and good, while others deem it wrong and swear that it will bring only bad.

In quieter circles, a fallen prince and princess of the recently deposed royal family (Aurelius and Ambrosia Augustine) struggle to gather followers, cautiously seeking sympathizers as they prepare their move to regain the crown.

Whether they will is up to us. All that has passed and all that will come is in the hands of the writers. The future is bare. The future is now. Tetel’ac.
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