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 Jairus Caras, Kelyean Lord- Kit Harington
Jairus Caras
 Posted: Oct 24 2014, 02:46 PM

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Jairus Caras

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Full Name: Jairus Christophos Caras
Alias/Nick: Jai

Title: Major Lord [Kelyea Region]
Occupation: Regesvard [Desk] Worker / Intelligence

Affiliations: Regesvard
Race: Kelyean

x. The Kelyean noble stands at an inch or so below six feet in height. His brother of course, is taller than himself.

x. His eyes are a enchanting, dark brown; holding with them countless amusements as well as knowledge. They are always warm, capable of taking in detail that most cannot see.

x. The build he sports is on the leaner side of life. Still, his muscular frame is compact and firm, showing he does participate in more athletic activities.

x. His skin though it should be kissed deeply by the sun, is not as deeply colored as his brother's own. Instead, he's a soft tanned brown. He spends more of his time outdoors, rather than indoors. When he is outdoors, it's often to watch the sunrise or sunset while enjoying a low-lit fire on the wide span of beach that faces the ocean,or training is sword-fighting.

x. Jairus's hair is short, curly, and well kept. A shade of rich blackness, it holds in certain locks shreds of midnight-blue color. A mirage perhaps created by the sun? No one can be sure. He keeps the scruff that grows along his jaw neat enough.

x. The markings he proudly wears upon his body is few and in between. The design of an olive tree winds it's way on his one side, enveloping the side of a thigh, a hip, up his abdomen and rib cage. The mark of the newer members of the Regesvard was tattooed upon the inside of his lip and is not known about by anyone. But... the thing he most proudly wears of all the markings he carries, is a set of nail scars that tear down the side of his right shoulder. The scars were created by the deep scratching of a woman's fingernails. The first one he had taken to bed, actually. (Don't ask, he had insisted upon it.

This man was born with a golden tongue. Meaning, he was born to be a man of many words. It is well in his talents to sweet talk a woman to easily sparking courage in the hearts of others in a well versed speech. The art of persuasion and obtaining answers from others. Such qualities as these are tried to other aspects of him and just like his brother he is strange person to behold. Though... he's not such as an ass as his brother is, ahem. (One cannot be sure about this behind closed doors. Hah!)

He's an intelligent fellow and like most intelligent fellows he tends to think and think often. Fortunately, he's the type to know when to stop thinking, meaning he has a strict sense of schedule. He goes where he intends for a morning or an afternoon, enjoys the time, and then moves on. No offense but that's the passive trait of an idle, trained soldier who serves fiercely in the Regesvard.

Nights are spent with him acting in a more leisurely manner. He enjoys reading now and then, perhaps aloud to company over a glass of finely made wine. Jests are passed too and from others in candid actions. He reserves his more potent humor for members of his family and staff. Just... explain to him why his niece, Thane's daughter, is able to fully understand his bolder jokes at her a-... oh, right - she is Thanos Caras the II's daughter! How could she not understand the humor! The Caras reputation for being a rowdy bunch holds true in the younger brother of the Duke so don't be surprised if you see a lady on his right arm.

A lord who encourages forms of art, he enjoys being entertained by plays, dances, music. The world is a place of beauty and one he relishes with sincerity. He's easy going with most people and comes across with a sense of flamboyance inside of his own home or his brother's. Court however, is a different story. You see, he had a bad experience at Court when he was younger and... well... he just won't speak about it. If he goes to Court, it's when he is shadowing his older brother and even then, little is said to people.

Jai is also one that trains a lot in sword-fighting. He trains in single handed, sword-shield, as well as duel wielding. Jai is known for fighting for those he cares about, when negotiations go sour.

x. Little is known about the second son of the Duke Thanos Caras the First that took over Kelyea in the civil war nearly three decades ago. Even then, if he was not hearing about his 'father's shadow' he is certainly always in his older brother's shadow! And face it, everything to a certain extent made him awkwardly feel second-rate, subtle though it was.

x. The memories he has of his father is extremely vague. After his father was cut down in the line of duty to try to protect King Lucien's life, his mother became distant to his older brother. He on the other hand, found himself being lavished upon as if he was the eldest. Because of it Thane and Jai sometimes have... conflicts with one another and there's a strong sense of sibling rivalry that comes in the form of wild antics - whether it be wrestling on the beach or more dangerous stunts. The boys have loosened up over the years but... it's obvious these two bicker with one another in the weirdest of ways.

x. He trained in the art of knighthood in his younger days and once becoming honorably titled after spending a short period of his life out on the border patrol of Tetel'ac, chose to return home to help Thanos run things pretty much from the shadows. It did not take until he found his true niche, working in the Regesvard as a collector of intelligence. (Further details won't be written now because this is still in the process of being worked out with Thanos and Roland.)

x. Jairus is... as most of the Caras family, an utter womanizer yet, he is sadly the one with the most sensible head on his shoulder when it comes to that department. Sooner or later, his womanizing days had to come back with a whiplash.

x. It did so in the form of a tavern owner's sister in Hanalei. To this day he isn't sure how he landed with the... problem so to speak. The problem that came in the form of a baby boy just slightly over half a year old that he has yet to explain to his mother about and... his brothers. The woman who bore his bastard son, though Jairus was highly fond of her... he just... couldn't handle the thought of keeping a mistress around his household (and demanding a sum of money for her services as she so lovingly put it to him late one evening) so he chose to take the boy in. If she visits or not... no one knows.

He is sometimes seen in his study with the boy on his lap or arms, talking to him and soothing him; telling him of war stories, heroic adventures, and magic. He sees the son as a second chance to do some good in the world.

x. Present time: He is currently in Kelyea attending his own and his older brother's affairs while watching his brother's daughter. And then there is taking care of Solone...

God help him.

Father: Thanos Caras the First
Mother: Maria "Mami" Caras [Did I get her name correct?]
Brothers: Thanos, Solone [Forget his name... -ashamed-]
Bastard Son: "Christopher"
Wife: None.
Mistress: None.

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