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 Setting, Dianne's Coronation/Jaxon's Birthday
 Posted: Oct 18 2014, 09:55 PM

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The royal child had been born near the end of summer, which meant, days of preparation included, it was officially autumn by the time his birthday celebration could be celebrated.

An announcement had gone out far and wide in the weeks before, written edicts on the matter being pinned and delivered, and heralds crying out the good news in the streets - A son, a son! To the king, a son is born! His name was Jaxon - Prince Jaxon deGrada, heir to the throne of Tetel'ac and the dukedom of Rodan. And thanks to him, his mother was about to become queen.

It had surprised some that Roland had announced his wife's coronation. His last wife, Rhiann, hadn't been offered the crown the entire time she had been living as the King's wife. Some had suspected that Roland would not offer it to Dianne either.

But then again... she had just given him a son.


No expense had been spared. Even the penny-pinching Roland deGrada had reached into the kingdom's bare coffers for the coin to make this week special.

The castle, with its tall, grey walls, was dressed in banners of hunter green and black, the colors of the deGrada family, that fell from high windows and dropped nearly to the ground level. Flags, high above, flew in similar colors, though streamers of festive pennants drifted on the wind as well, bringing an air of merriment to the palatial castle.

Inside, every square inch had been scrubbed clean and polished to a shine, and every spare room and available suite had been rented out to the guests from near and far who were special enough to receive an invitation to visit court for the week.

And what an event it would be: nightly feasts; grand balls; contests of strength and honor in the prince's honor; and, of course, the typical festival-fare of Fexlund and Rodani Gypsies who littered the great lawns with their shows of illusions, music and dancing.

And it would all culminate, at long last, on the final day, with Dianne's coronation in the throne room.
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