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 Newbie Guide
 Posted: Dec 21 2013, 08:27 PM

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Welcome to Tetel’ac! Super glad to hear you’re joining. Here’s a bit of info to help you ease into things nicely. Remember if you ever have any questions, tons of people will be more than happy to help, and our staff is usually easily contacted even off-site.

There’s a ton of extra info on this site, from what kind of weapons people used, to the money they used, and we call all those details “Nice to Know.” But to be able to understand what you’re getting yourself into, here’s some things that are “Need to Know.”

1) The plot will give you a sense of what the game is all about, if you haven’t read it already.

2) The timeline is a quick way to catch up on what’s happened here so far – or you could read the narrative version.

3) Here’s an overview of the dukedoms. A quick read, but necessary to know the lay of the land.

4) Find your character’s rank (duke? duchess? peasant? slave?) and occupation (huntmaster? spy? carpenter?).

5) If you want to deal with magic.

6) Or if you care about religion.

7) And make sure you read our rules!

8) Then, make an OOC account under the name you want folks to know you by and get a character! (character accounts will be made once your character is accepted, and linked to your OOC account)

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