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 Hunting, ~open~
Edmund Du Nord II
 Posted: May 2 2014, 05:53 PM

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It was a fair summer's day, everything seemed to be shining and perfect. On days like this it was hard to imagine that anything in the world was wrong.
The Duke of Fexlund had taken a small party hunting in Crier Wood. His cousin, Lord Danum accompanied him (much to the Duke's displeasure); along with several other nobles that were visiting Castle DeWinter. It was amazing how much of social hub the castle was, lords and ladies were always coming by to congratulate the Duke and Duchess on the birth of their son. They almost made it a miniature Court, Edmund thought bitterly that they were all probably hedging their bets in case the Du Nord family made a play for the throne. Vipers. Edmund had never been a social person, and these same people had shunned him more than once before he married Duchess Cassandra DeWinter. But now they were all smiling and acting as though the couldn't be happier. Indeed, Edmund was guilty of almost smiling.
All of these guests meant that he had to keep them entertained, the busier they were in controlled activities, the less time they had for getting into trouble.
The hunting party was finished with a dozen knights from the combined houses of Du Nord and Danum, riding along with the nobles for protection and (Ed thought with faint amusement) to make sure that the hunting party returned with something. The young Duke cast a sly glance over his shoulder at the other nobles, he doubted their ability to shoot an arrow straight.

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