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Nov 13 2014, 07:31 AM
Greetings everyone. smile.gif I'm very knew to the board but nonetheless excited to get some plotting going! I will hopefully be working on creating an open thread soon... unless someone already has one and would like me to join in.

Full Name: Persephone Lilith Giamilla
Age: Eighteen
Alias/Nick: Perse (Per-see)
Title: Lady Persephone
Occupation: Scholar/Lady
Affiliations: Neutral
Race: Rodani/Fexlunder
-Father: Count Philippe Giamilla - 56 (Deceased)
-Mother: Countess Lilian Giamilla - 49 (Deceased)
-Brother: Count Phoenix Giamilla - 30
Louis Giamilla - 27
Antony Giamilla - 23
Stefan Giamilla - 15 (Deceased)
-Cousin - Roland Degrada - 47 (2nd Cousin)

Completely open for ideas for love, life, politically, family, friends, whatever you can think of, i am open for it all.
Nov 10 2014, 10:50 PM
Persephone Giamilla


Full Name: Persephone Lilith Giamilla
Alias/Nick: Perse (Per-see)

Title: Lady Persephone
Occupation: Scholar/Lady

Affiliations: Neutral
Race: Rodani/Fexlunder

Being part Rodani and part Fexlunder has given Perse quite a range of differences in her appearance. Her father Philippe Giamilla has given Perse her Fexlunder features; being more on the fair-skinned (in summers slightly darker) and the luxury of her height with very long legs. Her mother Lilian Giamilla (nee; Garvin) has given Perse her Rodani features; long beautiful dark-brown locks of hair and envious green eyes that seem to mesmerize at the right time.
Perse has three pierces in her left ear, two on the bottom of her lobe and one on the top. On the other ear she wears only two piercings on the lower lobe. Luckily Perse doesn't have any noticeable scars or tattoos that people would see right from the start. But what she does hide is a scar that descends the whole of her spine. When she was 10 years of age she was in a horrible accident that caused the scar.

With the blood of nobility in her along with her very pristine upbringing, Perse is always dressed in her best and properly. Lilian made sure that her children were always dressed the way a prince or princess should be dressed. Her children were no such prince or princess but they were to always be neat and tidy. Philippe stressed to his staff to make sure to leave the impression on his children that to be properly dressed would earn proper respect. Not to mention, the parents just simply believed people looked better that way.

Spoiled. Spoiled was certainly one way to explain the eighteen year old Perse. Not only the youngest, but the only daughter to Philippe and Lilian, she was bestowed whatever she wished. Of course that was in part for Perse's parents preparing her to find a suitable husband. But even as spoiled as the young lady was, she wishes to do more with her wealth than simply gain luxuries but to share them... Just as long as she was able to keep the best for herself that is.

Stubborn. Perse was born stubborn. From the time she was born, Lilian would tell anyone, it was not her finest trait. She insisted that she could do anything and be anyone she wished since she was a small child. Perse learned early to insert her knowledge into a situation before you create an argument; You never get into an argument with a headstrong-intellectual-eighteen year old girl who insists on making sure everyone knows their facts just as well as she.

Loving. Perse was showered with love by her mother and father as well as her older brothers. Her family has always been warm and welcoming and even more so loving people and it has rubbed off on the young lady. Perse has dreamed of having a husband and children to shower with love as her parents did their children. Perse may be a bit of a brat at times, but it doesn't change the fact that the child has a heart of gold and would help anyone in need if she could.

Intelligent. Because her eldest brother Phoenix was rightful heir to their family's fortune and good name, her brother Louis was a knight and training master and her brother Antony was a Jagermeister, Perse certainly felt the need to pick up something she could be proud of! Instead of being like most of her female friends, who's biggest goal in life was to find a rich husband, Perse wanted something that no man, woman or being could take away from her. She first learned to read at the age of nine and by age 13, Perse was reading full books. She learned to write at the age or 10 and by age 16 could write everything. She always loved books, kept her nose buried in them to the point that her fingers were stained with ink from the pages. She has read a lot to know a lot and it definitely shows.

Fragile. In the last few years, Persephone lost her parents as well as the boy she was promised to marry, a man who she had not only been promised to marry since she was a child, but that she had truly fallen madly in love with. It was the thing that kept her going after the death of her parents. But when he too passed, she returned home in hopes to find happiness once again. But once home she found she needed more, she needed to find her way herself. She is easily upset and often feels as though one more thing wrong and she just may lose herself.

+121 C.P. - Born - (Pennland) Persephone Lilith Giamilla. Youngest of five and only daughter to Count Philippe Giamilla and Countess Lilian Giamilla of Fexlund.
+122 C.P. - Age 1 - Oldest brother to Persephone, Stefan Giamilla passes away from a childhood illness leaving his younger brother Phoenix as rightful heir to their parents fortune and good name.
+124 C.P. - Age 3 - The estate on which Persephone was born is attacked by members of the DiVonne family, believing Count Philippe wrongfully accused a young man in the family of murder.
+124 C.P. - Age 3 - Giamilla family temporarily move to their summer home in southern Pennland while their new estate is to be built.
+125 C.P. - Age 4 - New estate is built for the family to which they move into the new abode just in time for winter.
+127 C.P. - Age 6 - Count Philippe is said to have promised a marriage with the Count of Triton for Persephone to marry the Count's oldest son.
+129 C.P. - Age 8 - Persephone begins her schooling. She begins to learn writing.
+130 C.P. - Age 9 - Coming of age, Persephone begins learning about the social class and where she fits into the social class.
+130 C.P. - Age 9 - Phoenix Giamilla marries Lady Sophia Diamante, daughter of a prominent Fexlund family, the future Countess of Pennland
+131 C.P. - Age 10 - Persephone runs away when she learns of her promised marriage to the son of the Count of Triton, upset that she wouldn't like him. Phoenix and brother Louis find Persephone by the river where she threatens to jump into the river if they don't return home. Just as she tries to run from her older brothers, she falls on a slipper bed of rocks, sliding down a small waterfall and onto a jagged bed of rocks.
+131 C.P. - Age 10 - Persephone is bedridden for six months from her injury causing sever scaring and back pain. She is told she will never walk again.
+131 C.P. - Age 10 - Bedridden Persephone begs her brother Antony to teach her to write, to give her something to occupy her time in her bed.
+132 C.P. - Age 11 - With determination and the help of her brother Antony, Persephone begins walking again.
+133 C.P. - Age 12 - Meets the boy was promised to marry for the first time when the Count and family come to visit. She is happy that she actually likes the young lad.
+134 C.P - Age 13 - Persephone finishes her first novel and decides that she wants to read everything that she possibly can.
+135 C.P - Age 14 - Persephone's mother and father fall ill, their children are made to stay away from them until they are cured.
+136 C.P. - Age 15 - After months of being kept from their parents, Count Philippe and wife, Countess Lilian pass away from the disease.
+136 C.P. - Age 15 - Phoenix Giamilla and wife Sophia Giamilla are made Count and Countess of Pennland
+136 C.P. - Age 15 - Persephone is sent to live with her future family in Triton.
+137 C.P. - Age 16 - Persephone can fully and completely write.
+137 C.P. - Age 16 - Triton son is killed in a carriage accident.
+137 C.P - Age 16 - Sadden by the loss of her parents as well as her future husband, who she believed she was falling in love with, Persephone begs her brother Phoenix to allow her to return home. The return home is bittersweet but relieving.
+138 C.P. - Age 17 - Phoenix tells Persephone of their lineage as well as their heritage. She finds that she is the 2nd cousin of King Roland, her mother Lilian being 1st cousin to the king.
+139 C.P. - Age 18 - Persephone moves to Rodan in hopes to find a husband, to begin furthering her scholarship and to find happiness that she seeks.

-Father: Count Philippe Giamilla - 56 (Deceased)
-Mother: Countess Lilian Giamilla - 49 (Deceased)
-Brother: Count Phoenix Giamilla - 30
Louis Giamilla - 27
Antony Giamilla - 23
Stefan Giamilla - 15 (Deceased)
-Cousin - Roland Degrada - 47 (2nd Cousin)
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