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Lirra Thorne

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Dec 30 2014, 04:59 PM
Everything had been worked out with Roland. She was to marry whoever the new suitor was. She was to leave and have her children here at court. As far as Lirra knew, only the closet to the king had any idea what was going on.

It was almost dinner time and this time she had made sure that Mason would be there. She had made it clear to him. Lirra was already seated at the table with a document he needed to sign to let her go. She would bring it up later; unless one of his friends had already heard of the plan that her brother and her had been working on over the past couple of days. Some of Mason's men who reported back to him would surely had seen Lirra and Roland riding out together.

The door opening interrupted her thoughts as her maids rushed to pull out the chair. "Dear husband, please do sit." She said with a huge grin on her face.
Dec 18 2014, 01:01 PM
Lirra had come to the gardens to ponder on her thoughts of what she had been talking about with her brother. Mason wouldn't see her leaving him, but she needed to think of someway to escape the marriage. It was easy to tell that the only thing holding her together in the marriage was her children, and even her children were now beginning to grow up to where she would not be able to control their futures. At least if they stayed here at the palace they would be safe from any harm that could befall them.

It was a quiet time for her to come to the garden. She had escaped from the bedchamber before Mason had come back from the night's work. She was now in a light cloak outside watching and waiting for the sun to fully come up from the sky. She sat letting the fresh air press around her making her feel cheerful and happy.
Oct 24 2014, 09:59 PM
Lirra was in their apartments in the early morning getting ready for the day She had gotten ready for the day in the early morning hours. It was not much sh was able to come to her room alone without Mason being in the room. Today, she had spent the day in the gardens alone enjoying the fresh air trying to clear her head. It was with joyous moods of why Mason and Liarra had come to court for the events.

As she made her way back to the apartments after the evening meal she realized she had not seen Mason all day. As she entered their rooms she made her way over to the mirror to start brushing her hair. The maid helped her take her hair down and left promptly after handing the brush to Lirra. It was something tht Lirra found comforting to herself. As she pulled the brush through her hair she closed her eyes as she continued brushing.

The thoughts of the day continued to come through her hair as she kept her eyes shut. She was finally able to relax until she heard the outer door open and she opened her eyes and quickly pulled her hair back up into an updo. Very slowly she rose o her feet and watched as Mason came into the room. Lirra put a smile on her face, even though she didn't want to and walked to him. "Good evening my love. Did you have a productive day?"
Oct 24 2014, 07:50 PM


Full Name: Lirra Anne Thorne (formerly deGrada)
Alias/Nick: Leers

Title: Lady
Occupation::Wife to Mason Thorne,
Sister to Roland and Addison deGrada.

Affiliations: Regesvardl
Race: Rodani

Fairly Rodani in appearance, Lirra looks similar to her brothers. She has long, thick dark hair that falls in loose curls, tan skin (though hers remains unblemished, due to not being a man and such) and sea colored eyes. She is an average height for a woman, and is fairly thin, though since having given birth to three children, she has gained some womanly curves (not that she was ever lacking). She considers herself to be still in the prime of her looks, with plump lips and soft skin.

Generally, she dresses in a traditional fashion, wearing long dresses and colors that complimented her pallet. She tries to keep up with the latest trends, and dress in a “alluring way”. Just because she’s married doesn’t mean she’s dead.

Lirra has always considered herself as a lady- she was taught how to please men, by singing, reading, cards, she was taught how to be charitable and good natured and funny, to be witty and clever and follow her family. These were the lessons that were pounded into her from the moment she could walk. But in spite of all her lessons, Lirra learned other things too. She learned the politics of court, and who was trust worthy and who was not.

However, Lirra is also an impulsive, whirlwind of a woman. She loves and loves deeply, if she feels scorned then you shall feel her wrath. Some say she’s a bit sensitive, and takes things too seriously. She can be considered vain, often worried about how she looks and maintaining them. She is easily excited and easily distracted, but will stick to her guns if she cares about the point she is making.

She’s also naughty. She loves to do things that will get her in trouble with her husband, from small to large, and she loves to get into things she doesn’t belong in. Most of the time, Lirra feels caged. She despises Mason, some would even say hates him. She regards him with nothing but icy chills. It’s the one thing she will never agree on with Roland or her father, sticking her with the soulless, king loving man. She understands that she had to marry, but more often than not, she questions as to why she had to marry him. Was there not a lord or some noble that could have easily taken his place? Sometimes she feels like they punished her, made her get trapped into the same loveless marriage that Roland was objected to. He could have easily married Alannah, and probably would have ended up in the same place. Yet he did not. And so Lirra was doomed to the same fate. And that is something she is not sure she will ever forgive Roland for.

Despite her anger at Roland, she is still loyal to him, not as her king and superior, but as his sister. He has always been one of her closest confidantes, just like Addison and Alannah, and she would do anything to protect any of them, including her own death. She loves her children, and feel they are the only blessing from her marriage. She hopes they will not be subjected to the demands she was as a child, but fears for the worst as they are now part of the royal family.

103 Born to the Duke and Duchess of Rodan in the middle of the winter, their only daughter.
105 Quickly establishes herself as the youngest and the most spoiled. (2)
108 Begins her studies. (5)
113 Goes to court as a lady in waiting for the Queen Loretta. (10)
114 The plague hits the country, Lirra is lucky to survive. The crown prince dies, Lirra is sent home. (11)
116 Immanuel and Maria ascend to the throne amidst turmoil. (13)
119 She returns back to court as a Lady In Waiting for the new Queen Maria.(16)
121 Roland arranges for her to marry an up and coming adviser to King Immanuel, Mason Thorne. (18)
123 Lady Maria passes away. Lirra returns to Rodan as a request to get away from the castle. (20)
124 After the turn of the new year, Lirra returns to the castle per Mason’s orders. (21)
126 Kaelen is born. Huzzah for her first son!(23)
130 Willow is born. (27)
133 Asher is born. (30)
137 Lirra takes the children with her to Rodan. There she remains as the turmoil at the castle erupts. (34)
138 Roland is King! Huzzah! (35) [hr]

Brother: Roland DeGrada
Sister-In-Law: Rhiann DeGrada
Brother: Addison DeGrada
Step-Nephew: Edmund du Nord
His Wife: Cassandra du Nord

Husband: Mason Thorne
Kaden Noel Thorne (14)
Willow Idonea Thorne (10)
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