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Dec 31 2014, 12:04 AM
She ascended the steps, tearing off her gloves. She had handed her horse to the groom. He had tried to protest. She herself and told him that no one should touch the new stallion but her. But she did not listen. In fact the moment he saw her tear stained cheeks and fire in her eyes he simply nodded and did his best to control the beast.

As he did his best to pull him into the stables Cassandra did not look back. She had one thing on her mind. She had to see Edmund, now.

The embarrassment and pain she felt now was horrible. To know that he may have willingly hurt some of their own subjects broke something deep inside her. He was not his mother and she would be damned to eternal hell if he turned out that way.

Another servant approached her as she entered the house, but she waved him off and handed him her gloves.

There were 50 stone steps to the landing and then a sharp right to the place where Ed’s office sat. The foot falls of her boots were heavy and deliberate on the marble. Anyone in ear shot could hear her coming like a storm.
As always, the eyes and ears were watching, curiously afraid and a bit amused. She would do her best to stay under control. But she would not hold back the demands and the truth she needed to hear.

She knocked just once and stepped into the office, slamming the door behind her.

For a long moment she just looked at him allowing the tears to fall down her cheeks. If he was evil she wanted to see it. Somehow she wanted to be able to tell just by looking at him.

Finally words stuttered from her angry mouth.

"I met the merchant on the road..the one who delivered Ralph. He..He..."

She looked away in frustration and pain

"He was the husband of the witch you murdered..."

Brown eyes flashed at him, demanding the truth.

"I don't think you told me the truth...I need you to tell me the truth."

Legs were shaking now and she was bordering on hysterics. But she held it in for now. She had to maintain control. She had to get her answers. Only then could she fall to pieces.
Jul 5 2014, 11:40 PM
Rain and thunder, lightning and ozone.

It was an unsettled night.

Cass hated the weather like this. It made her nevous.

She stood near the baby, in the same room. The nurse stayed close by. She knew that the lightning set Cass's teeth on Edge.

Cass watched out the window, finding some comfort in the activity in the yard below when she saw the commotion.

Ed was a way, off hunting. She was on her own, as much as a duchess could be.

Her heart sped up a bit. She turned to her waiting woman

"Cybil. Someone is here. Can you go and find out who it is? I will be fine. Please."

She hoped nothing untoward would happen while she was alone. She must be cautious and careful.

She sent a quick prayer that to the heavens that all would be well.
Feb 26 2014, 05:15 PM


Full Name: Cassandra DeWinter DuNord

Title: Duchess of Fexlund
Occupation:Duchess and wife to Edmund DuNord

Affiliations: Regesvard
Race: Fexlunder

Cassandra is mildly tall at five foot six with a willowy appearance. Her arms and legs are long with a long torso with artist fingers and small feet. Her appearance is somewhat petite with tapered hips and narrow shoulders, but the pint sized woman has more spark then most know. It snaps in her eyes the color of chocolate and is obvious in her grins. Her facial expressions range from pure anger to joyful glee, and you can always tell what she’s thinking until she pulls up the walls. Her hair is a rather dark brown and reaches a little bit past her shoulders to almost mid back when it’s straight.

You can best see Cassandra in flowing gowns of bright jewel tones like red, blue, and green or even gold. Her skin has a darker complexion that allows her to wear whatever color she desires and not look sallow or worse. The woman enjoys wearing dresses but isn’t above going out and riding in riding pants under a dress on a horse.

Cassandra at the moment does not have any scars or tattoos.

Cassandra is feisty, to say the least. Opinionated and stubborn are only a few attributes to give this woman, but perhaps we should break it up and make it easier.

The woman is nearly bubbly, playful, and teasing to her friends and family. Nothing brings her down and often she is more excitable than you would expect. Horseback riding is perhaps her favorite way to completely let go. It is the closest she'll ever get to flying, which is often dreams off. She loves everything, no matter what (mother in laws not included.) She's a fun, crazy, challenging, I-dare-you-to-do-it sort of gal. Responsibility is extremely important, but a gorgeous summer day? You can expect some hookey to be played, but only if the work isn't pressing. Her duty is very important to her.

When her mood turns she is introverted and quiet, it's hard to break her out of the funk. She won't cry unless it's in private, and she's more likely to be apathetic and snap at you. But the apathy is veils deep emotion usually making a cover for her obligation and duty.

Two words: Run fast. The woman has a temper that could put a lot of men to shame. She'll put you in your place with loud, sharp words and has only a little bit of a filter. No matter what she is a duchess and has a diplomacy filter, but in private? All hell will break loose. Anger tends to take a very, very long time, as she bottles everything up, but when she explodes it's very dangerous. A word to the wise is to stay on her good side.
Cassandra had a lot of courtiers and suitors, but never truly explored this side of her until her engagement to Lord DuNord. Cassandra is very playful, and really has no 'off' switch. Curious, and now freshly married, all bets are off. Before her pregnancy there was actually a pool of gamblers trying to make money as to when she'd turn up with child. Her honeymoon was interrupted by the death of Mailor and the late King, so she's having to sneak in alone time with her new husband as much as she can. She's been known to pull him aside in the hallway and plant one on him, and is overly affectionate now that the ring is on her finger.

x - Born to Alannah and Duke Bumpastein in a neighboring country after her mother's political marriage to the outsider Duke.
x - Grew up as an only child, moving back to Tetel'ac shortly after she was born and the death of her father
x - Raised alongside the DeGrada children, friends with both Edmund and Mailor (now deceased)
x - Grew up and turned down suitor after suitor, unconsciously waiting for Edmund. When he never showed interest, she started courting Duke Caras and grew a deep affection for him and his child Iphi. Unknown to her Edmund had been trying to build up something for them before making a move.
x - Grandfather died at twenty, the same night Edmund confessed his love... in front of Duke Caras, tipping the balance completely out of whack. Cassandra and the Duke no longer saw each other socially, both upset and feeling betrayed for different reasons.
x - Edmund pursued Cassandra relentlessly for weeks, even going so far as to climb into her bedroom window at night to convince her to marry him. Eventually Cassandra agreed, and they were wed a month or so later.
x - Honeymoon was interrupted by the revolution of the country when the King was murdered by a supposedly "mad" Mailor, who was killed himself as well in the skirmish.
x - Returned to Fexlund immediately thereafter and kept a close eye on her new husband, keeping him busy and "busy". Is now trying to contain peace inside of her Dukedom and is teaching Edmund the ropes of Fexlund along with the horse breeding business the DeWinter family was infamous for.

Husband:: Edmund duNord
Mother:: Alannah deWinter
Father:: Duke Ralph Bumpastein (deceased)
Mother in Law:: Rhiann deGrada
Father in Law:: Roland deGrada
Feb 18 2014, 12:26 AM
The baby. It was all about the baby. The little bundle of joy had made a screaming arrival into the Duke and the Duchesses' life and since then nothing had been the same.

Cassandra had wet nurses and nannies anything she would need to not trouble herself with the raising of her son. But she had denied it all to this point. Only a few weeks old the young noble had been cared for nearly exclusively by his mother and his father. Only when her duties had to be attended to did she leave the boy's side.

She had a feeling Ed was annoyed with her attention to the child, but how could she not spend every waking moment with him? He was her shining star.

Today was another special day. The new Archbishop was coming to bless the child. He would arrive any moment. She rushed about her room as the boy slept in a warm little ball on her bed. She had put on a lovely green dress that shown her brown eyes to their best. Her ample bosom displayed for all to see.

Ed had even said it to her. She was lovely before but something about mother hood agreed with her. She simply glowed.

The child was fed and dressed appropriately. Her lady appeared and she smiled.

"We are ready."

The waiting woman smiled. For only a moment did she make a move for the sleeping baby, but Cassandra waved her away.

Gently she picked up the boy. The round little ball of pink flesh grumbled but soon settled into his mothers arms. She coo'd to him softly.

"Shhh..time to have you blessed my brilliant boy. No crying. Just sleep. I am sure the archbishop would prefer it that way.
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