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Nov 28 2014, 08:48 PM
I am so sorry to my prolonged absence, I had two essays due in this month one after the other so it was a little hectic at times!
However that is all out of the way now so I am back and ready to plot!
Those of you who I have plots with I am very sorry for leaving you hanging for so long. I shall hopefully have all my replies in this weekend and introduce Giacomo at long last.

Hope you all have been well and very excited to be back!
Oct 26 2014, 05:36 PM
Bishop in early thirties seeks lady friend!

Good evening all!

My character Giacomo Chapuys is (hopefully) soon to be bishop of Rodan. I have a plot idea for him but I need a girlie. I hope for him to have an affair with a lady, maybe produce an illegitimate love-child. Then after this affair (it can be a one night thing or longer either suits me ) he will have a panic of conscience and start building a cathedral out of penance. Thus opening the floor to all the shenanigans and problems which comes from having to do so!

so any lady will do. Noble or commoner is fine! Giacomo would likely come into contact with both. He's a quiet chappy who likes a good read and enjoys tending to his ecclesiastical duties.

For further details or any questions feel free to drop me a pm or request my skype biggrin.gif
Oct 25 2014, 06:48 PM
Giacomo Chapuys


Full Name: Giacomo Chapuys.
Alias/Nick: Mino (by his family and close friends)

Title: Bishop of Rodan.
Occupation:] Bishop

Affiliations: A'eri.
Race: Bordevaux

Not as robust as his brother, Giacomo is thinner. He shares his twins bright dark eyes and his brown hair. Giacomo tends to fret which has caused more grey in recent years but on the whole he remains chestnut brown. He is always adorned in his robes of office apart from some of the few hours he has to himself when he wears casual attire befitting his activities. His colours are always humble in material and of dull softer tones. He believes the rich bold dyes are a needless extravagance.

Pious and moral, Giacomo found that a life of quiet contemplation and suited him just right. A kindly soul he enjoys taking care of his parishioners, known for crying at weddings. Unlike his twin, Giacomo does not share Felix's blatant ambition. His is more subtle. He often sets him self daunting tasks but never with his own advancement in mind. Caring and considerate, but not a fool. Being a member of the higher clergy has taught him that the best way to avoid trouble and the schemes of others is to spot their lies, judge their characters well and avoid entanglement in the first place. Bookish and well versed in the scriptures he admires anyone who shares his interest in theology and reading.

Born as a set of twins, Giacomo and Felix were often lumped together as being one in the same. Whilst Felix thrived at the more practical side of gentry schooling, fencing and horse riding. Giacomo proved clumsy and awkward. They both did well in their more academic studies. Quite early on Giacomo developed an interest in Theology and so began to consider a religious life dedicated to the lord. His father died when he was quite young but he had always encouraged Giacomo's interests, being one of the younger sons he organised for Giacomo to take religious orders when he was old enough. Giacomo and his brother were close to their sister Joan who was a great comfort when their mother passed away shortly after having Margaret.
The remaining Chapuys children grew very close. Although Felix always tried to play the head of house, especially after he became sole heir following Giacomo's joining the clergy.
He began as most clergy do in a monastic order. Within a few years his noble education landed him a position as clerk to a Bishop in Fexlund. Serving there until his was eighteen when he went to study theology. This took up the next four years of his life, but the hard work paid off when he was ordained as a priest. Starting out in a small parish within the bishopric of the bishop he served under originally. He eventually was granted a bishopric of his own. Slightly daunted at being posted in Rodan, the stronghold of the heathen cult Gaira, but no less determined to spread the good word and tend to his flock.

Felix Chapuys – Twin brother – 34.
Bijou Chapuys – Niece- 8.
Margaret Chapuys – Younger sister – 25.
Oct 22 2014, 07:25 PM
Greetings All! I currently have two characters who you are all most welcome to plot with. I will list what plans I have for them for the moment, but if you have any ideas for plots which my characters could play a part in I would be very happy to plan something so feel free to drop me a pm biggrin.gif

Rosamund de'Evreux

Rosamund is Countess of Tardar and has ruled her earldom since she was 18. As a result she is quite independent and experience in her position.

Plot plans so far;
  • Love plots are a go, from affairs to a marriage etc.
  • Any court intrigue type ones.
  • Any to do with Rodan.

Felix Chapuys

Chapuys is the ambitious new ambassador from Bordevaux. He's under orders to cause problems and his dislike of the king will most likely factor.

The plots I had in mind are;
  • Anything to do with the Black court: He's a member and with is associations with Rhiann mean he is most likely to be active within their operations in Tetel'Ac.
  • Following on from that he is against the king for personal and business reasons. The King of Bordevaux is keen to destabilize the monarchy of Tetel'Ac so if anyone has any plans for plots liek this Chapuys would be happy to be involved.
  • Evil plotting can make you lonely, Chapuys is available for any love plots if any of you require a single guy.

If I think of anything else I shall update the thread !
Oct 20 2014, 07:28 PM
Felix Chapuys

|Thirty-Four|Ambassador of Bordevaux|Black Court|

Full Name: Felix Chapuys
Alias/Nick: None.

Title: Ambassador of Bordevaux
Occupation:Ambassador to Tetel'Ac

Affiliations: Black Court.
Race: Bordevaux

Though weathered by the years Felix has aged remarkably well. His hair still remains the brown of his youth, though the odd grey hair is creeping in. His eyes are dark but bright whilst his skin has the sun kissed hue that comes of living in the sunnier parts of Bordevaux. He is always finely dressed in darker shades but never could his dress sensed be called flamboyant or over the top. He stands at 6' and has good posture as befits an ambassador, his build is lean from his youth and rigorous exercise.

Felix was born ambitious. He was never satisfied with simply being the youngest son of a duke. He envied the brothers which would inherit and strove to improve his position. Calculating and pragmatic he attempts to out manoeuvre his opponents, enjoying the cat and mouse game of politics. Often relentlessly pursuing his rivals in a manner which many would consider cruel, if they knew it was Felix was doing that is. However he is not completely stone hearted. His experiences of loss have left him devoted to his daughter, and his sister, though he intends an advantageous match for her. His twin has ever been his confidante and closest of companions. Though the brothers disagreed on many of Felix's more questionable behaviour they still keep a lively correspondence and attempt to visit one another when duty permits.

Being the second youngest of six siblings Felix was never expected to amount to much. Being a cousin of the king put him in line for a good vocation, but this was expected to merely be a courtier or part of the clergy. Being the favourite of neither of his parents, he was always close to his twin brother and sister and Joan. His fortunes changed however at the age of nine when his eldest brother and father passed away as a result of plague. The next year of his life saw several changes. He continued his studies and knight training, dreaming of bigger and better things. The family would often visit the Danum family, their Dukedoms neighbouring one another had made close ties. The odd sister or cousin being married between the two for centuries. His father having been half-Danum. He enjoyed those Summers, friendship may not be the best word but he had been close to the former Queen Rhiann. His sister Joan was married off into the Danum family as expected, the family celebrated, though that year his mother passed away after giving birth to a daughter, Margaret. The child was a shock to everyone and most suspect the pregnancy so late in life was the cause of her death.
By the time Felix was in his mid teens the neighbouring kingdom of Tetel'ac was busy suppressing Aknatar, for reasons best known to himself Felix's eldest living brother decides to mercenary himself out and dies fighting. Knowing that his twin would take holy orders he only had to wait to come of age to take his Duchy. This year was marked by tragedy though as his beloved sister died in childbirth. Felix feeling the need for an heir he married Richildis de' Valois. Their marriage was more of a friendship than a love affair, though they produced two sons and a daughter. When he was nineteen he became acquainted with a beautiful courtesan Adela de' Blois. They quickly became lovers and had an eight year before she retired to a convent. He desperately urged her to change her mind, but as none of their children had survived infancy she took it as a sign and resigned herself to the church. They continued a correspondence on friendly terms though.
However soon another pestilence ravaged the land. Felix and most of his family became ill. His wife died and shortly after his two sons, Henry and Lucius followed. Felix recovered to find his castle much emptier. After shutting himself away for a year he devoted himself to his work and his daughter. Eventually being given the trust and honour by the king to be ambassador to Bordevaux's tricky neighbour Tetel'Ac which had recently experience political upheaval, upheaval that Felix had watched very, very closely. His childhood friend and cousin by marriage Rhiann's involvement had always made the affairs of Tetel'Ac of interest to him. Now that she was dead it resolved his decision to take the post as ambassador. Whether it was suicide or murder made no difference to Felix, Roland was responsible all the same.

Giacomo Chapuys – Twin – Thirty-Four.
Margaret Chapuys – Sister – Twenty-Five.
Bijou – Daughter – Eight years old.
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