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Evianna Calix

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Sep 14 2014, 09:16 PM
Spiders dangled from the ceiling, crawled across her body. Eight legged freaks skittering, climbing, dangling. Eyes staring at her with large eyes; the arachnids mandible moved towards her face. Evi sat up, chest heaving drenched in a cold sweat. Just a dream...or a night terror perhaps. Her hands were shaking and Evi's face was wet. She'd wipe at the tears and get out of bed.

It was late, quite late in fact. The guard shift before morning bell almost over. Tendrils of blonde brushed out and pinned at the nape of her neck. The summer air warm still, not nearly as warm as where she had grown up but the heat never bothered Evi. Dressing in a simple frock of sapphire blue velvet and satin, the square cut gown hugged her chest, princess seaming accentuating her bustline. The sleeves bound at the elbow and flared open. Scroll work in gold fountains danced across the front panel of her dress. Tiny leather slippers graced doll like feet.

Evianna made her way quietly through winding halls, down stairs and passed what could seem like miles and miles of closed doors and galleries. Passing the gardens and making her way to the place that seemed to call her name, niggling the back of her mind. The Arcane tower. It was on her thoughts heavily after her conversation in the gardens with Vai'el.

Breath catching as the walk was perhaps more tiring then she had expected after the taxing nightmare. There it loomed, towering towards the heavens like a massive stone monolith. The doors locked tight, she walked closer. The sky above slowly turning lighter to give break to morn. She found herself touching the stone, both hands planted against the stone structure. She could feel the residual magic in the stone work, it was cold and growing colder but she could feel it beneath her palms. Lost in the age of it, not noticing....
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