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Full Name: Ambrosia Margaret Augustine

Alias/Nick: Siaam

Title(s): Lady Augustine of Triton, Fexlund
Princess Ambrosia Augustine of Tetel'ac

Occupation(s): Former Ambassador

Affiliations: Neutral

Race: Fexlunder

Appearance: Ambrosia named above the realm or mortal kind.

She stands straight backed with fire kissed hair streaming loose in the wind. Her pale skin shows no sign of age or weariness but her eyes flash icy blue and a man could sink in the pale depths of her wisdom which stretches far beyond her two and twenty summers.
You might call her beautiful, you might call her handsome but she is beyond the reach of men and women though she moves in a way which would suggest differently.
She is beautiful, she is handsome, she is chaste and she is not to be underestimated.


What happens to a person when everything they had ever known, is taken away? Shelter, the comfort of wealth, the aspect of security and feeling safe behind stone walls. The joy of being with family, of having friends to speak to, people to trust...

The truth is, a person becomes more than they could ever have been before. Once a cloud-walker she has now woken and finds her face, her body and her mind are her and her families greatest assets and she uses them.

She is clever and intelligent, holding her own in conversation with some of the greatest minds of the age; theology is her great passion although she is careful to conceal her true self and emotions.
She cares deeply for those she loves and feels an obligation to aid those who are suffering To those souls she is kind and patient and well liked but she does not suffer fools. An arrogant soul is met with an cold stare and anyone wishing to impress Ambrosia with gifts of gold or tales of heroics will find themselves the victims of her sharp wit and even sharper tongue.

She is intelligent, although hides it beneath a veneer of polite interest and slow to judge. She considers each situation as it presents itself and weighs her words carefully before she speaks.

Family, to some limitations, meant a great deal to her. Perhaps she could be considered one of those 'passing' influences in her brother's life that made him who he was but... perhaps not. Who knows? The opinions of people will simply be opinions. Although she was close to her mother, she was far closer to her father.


After the war, things had calmed for the Augustine family, especially after they found themselves the ruling monarchy due to the Regesvard. All Ambrosia could remember, being who she is, is growing up with a silver spoon in her mouth, metaphorically speaking. Lessons of courtly affairs. Lectures of math, science, history, languages, the arts... they were drilled into her for her father and mother, before she past away, expected her to become the teacher of her eldest brother's (Apollo) children. At least, that is what was desired but Ambrosia's interests led to other things: riding, speaking to outside foreigners, dogs, hunting, and so forth. Eventually it led to her picking up a dagger and learning how to use it effectively before she sought to pick up her youngest brother's sword.

By the age of seventeen, she had accumulated enough interest in foreign politics that it lead her to pleading with her father to venture beyond the borders of Tetel'ac to visit the neighboring countries. In doing so, she often sought to deal with legal affairs and resolve the problems on the borders of the Tetel'ac kingdom when they arose. Other times, it was simply to focus upon the aspects of imports and exports beyond Tetel'ac as well as dealing with business in the regional or country-wide guilds.

As of last year however, a great deal of things occurred. She was visiting Targa with an guarded entourage when she heard about the news that her father was ill. Because of border matters needing to be desperately resolved, she remained there until news of her father's death finally reached her. In haste..In haste she sought to return but she did not reach the capital until early winter.

Upon her return, she found out Aure was missing and like her brothers, she sought to look into the matters of her fathers death, though she kept herself partially withdrawn from Ezekiel and Apollo. Instead, she sought to speak to the Regesvard members that were closest to her father in spite of the fact Roland de Grada was head of the Regesvard.

Trust is trust, yes? She, like her father, knew who to place her trust in and by the middle of winter, focused her trust into four Regesvard men. One of which was close to Roland himself per say, and remained a contact point between the other three men who swore an oath to protect the remaining Augustine children. Aurelius it seemed, was no where to be found but it did not mean they would give up in their search through their own contacts and channels.

Who was to know that Ezekiel would kill Apollo? Prior to him doing so there were... signs something was wrong and one of the loyal knights persuaded Ambrosia to have someone who somewhat resembled her to poise in her place, sometimes when she had to be elsewhere. Twas not Ambrosia Ezekiel that killed that fateful night but... rather a servant of Ambrosia's whom was beheaded. The head of the woman however... was never found. What happened to it, hm? Only Ambrosia knows and even to this day, she still cringes at the memory.

Winter and Spring has past and now summer has come. So much has changed and she, with the few men she trusts, had been on the move from one safe location to the next, keeping out of sight and mind while she seeks to find any signs of Aurelius. The Regesvard members who oppose of Roland de Grada's rise to power, and even the passing of power from one man to the next via Thanos Caras, is seeking to find other disgruntled members who feel the true purpose of the Regesvard has been forsaken.

It is as they say; there are safety in numbers. And yet, there is also safety in being alone. Who can predict what the future will hold for the last two Augustine children?

Father: Immanuel Augustine � deceased
Mother: Margaret Augustine � deceased
- Apollo Augustine � deceased
- Ezekiel Augustine � deceased
- Aurelius Augustine � missing/deceased
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Ambrosia Augustine


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Oct 9 2014, 04:21 PM
Ambrosia cursed the damp wood that was refusing to hold a flame; there had been some kept dry in the hollow of one of the old oak trees but such a stack, in this damp and cold weather would be a temptation to anyone who happened to find it. Ambrosia toyed with the idea of leaving this makeshift camp to go and look for some but the skies promised rain, and, although she would never admit it out loud, she was afraid to wander alone in the woods, far from the camps she knew.

A gust of wind made the trees shed the water that still clung to their leaves and she felt a drop, ice cold, brush her cheek. She looked up to see the green ceiling that covered her home, this wood, and almost felt like weeping when she remembered the comfort she had once lived in; the food that had never seemed to run out, delivered to her on shining plates by a stream of faceless people. She remembered the feathered bed she had slept on and the warm skins that had covered her at night whilst a fire blazed beside her; she remembered games and sport and a life that should still be hers.

She shakes her head to rid herself of these images, dwelling on the past achieves nothing; what she once had has been lost; not only her comfort but her beloved family too and a usurper sits where her father once sat and by rights her brother should now be sitting.

Still, she has a plan, and the thought of it, of revenge keeps her warmer than any fire.

Finally, the flint catches the wood and a thin column of smoke begins to rise, she bends closer to breathe life into the fire when she hears footsteps behind her.
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