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Mar 10 2015, 02:58 PM
Hi guys, as you may have noticed, I have not been on for ages.

As much as I have loved the last 10 years, I don't think I can devote the necessary scheming time any more.
Work and training take over most of my time. The rest if taken by the whole book publishing thing.

I hope that you will all keep in touch (there are some of you that won't ever get rid of me).

Oct 26 2014, 08:49 AM
((for Cassandra and Ambrosia (and Aure if he wants to jump in) ))

The Duke of Fexlund rode at the head of a small party of knights, heading back to the DeWinter estate.
There were negotiations to be made in a trade route to the East. The deal had been signed six months since, but complications were always going to arise. It wasn't strictly necessary for Edmund to be there, but his advisers had told him it would add some gravitas to their argument if the Duke or Duchess was present.
Edmund had insisted on going alone. The journey would have been unnecessarily hard on Cassandra, even though she was back to her duties now that Ralph was a few months old.
Edmund looked up at his home, he sighed in relief as he passed through the gates. He had been away for a week, a whole week from his beloved Cassandra and their little son. He wondered if he had grown much in that time.

Edmund and his men trotted the last hundred yards up the gravelled track. Once they reached the courtyard, Edmund threw the reins of his bay stallion at the head groom, he pulled the new contracts out of the saddlebags and tucked them under his arm. He would drop them off in his office, but the only thing Edmund wanted now was to see his family. Oh, and perhaps a bath to wash away the long journey.

He jogged up the steps and made his way inside. The Duke sent a servant to heat some water, and another to let Cassandra know he had returned.
Jun 29 2014, 10:46 AM
It was a fine summer's day, one of those days when Fexlund shone as the jewel of Tetel'ac. The county had not known such peaceful times. It had a good and fair Duke and Duchess; whose family was secured by the recent birth of their heir. Internal threats had diminished since the death of the infamous Duchess Rhiann last year, and as far as they were concerned, there were no external threats.

But even in such a perfect and shining world... even nobles could show very human flaws...

The Duke was very restless, pacing his office when he should have been working. There was so much work to do; he had refused to let any of it go towards his dear wife for months, she deserved to concentrate on their young son. He eyed the piled of papers that took up his desk and the armchair - how had Cassandra's mother, Alannah, managed it all alone?
But right now Edmund was distracted. He kept glancing out of the window, watching with interest at every arrival up the long lane to the DeWinter estate.

Eventually, a servant came to let him know that the arrival he was waiting for had finally come.
Edmund expressed his thanks to the slightly flustered-looking servant, and hurried not to the courtyard, but to the rooms Cassandra occupied.

Edmund walked into the room, pausing to take in the lovely vision that was his wife, and felt the pang of regret.
He had neglected her.

After years of loving her, of never thinking himself good enough for her, he had proven himself correct. He did not deserve her - he should have stayed quiet and allowed her to marry Duke Caras, a man who would have worshipped her every waking minute.

But Edmund, he had broken the promise he made to never hurt her. Ever since his mother's death, and the whole Keylean fiasco, he had been distant. He had wrapped himself up in the work of the Dukedom, rather than face what really mattered. Her.

May 2 2014, 05:53 PM
It was a fair summer's day, everything seemed to be shining and perfect. On days like this it was hard to imagine that anything in the world was wrong.
The Duke of Fexlund had taken a small party hunting in Crier Wood. His cousin, Lord Danum accompanied him (much to the Duke's displeasure); along with several other nobles that were visiting Castle DeWinter. It was amazing how much of social hub the castle was, lords and ladies were always coming by to congratulate the Duke and Duchess on the birth of their son. They almost made it a miniature Court, Edmund thought bitterly that they were all probably hedging their bets in case the Du Nord family made a play for the throne. Vipers. Edmund had never been a social person, and these same people had shunned him more than once before he married Duchess Cassandra DeWinter. But now they were all smiling and acting as though the couldn't be happier. Indeed, Edmund was guilty of almost smiling.
All of these guests meant that he had to keep them entertained, the busier they were in controlled activities, the less time they had for getting into trouble.
The hunting party was finished with a dozen knights from the combined houses of Du Nord and Danum, riding along with the nobles for protection and (Ed thought with faint amusement) to make sure that the hunting party returned with something. The young Duke cast a sly glance over his shoulder at the other nobles, he doubted their ability to shoot an arrow straight.
Mar 23 2014, 03:06 PM
The Duke had no less work to do in the Dukedom Fexlund; his time was in much demand, as he insisted that most concerns should be sent to his desk while his wife recovered from the ordeal of childbirth. It had only been a couple of weeks, the memory of how pale she looked, in contrast to the red blood that pooled against the mud and summer grass. It was a nightmare he would not soon forget, Edmund had never felt so fearful and helpless than on that day.
Edmund could only marvel at how strong Cassandra had been then, and since. She was easily tired, but getting stronger each day.

Edmund sat at his desk, the pile of work and letters getting no smaller. Ah, the letters. Scrolls upon scrolls of congratulations for the Duke and Duchess and their new heir. It was strange to be well-wished by the whole of Tetel'ac nobility. A year and a half before, there were very few nobles that would have wasted the paper, let alone the messenger, for Edmund Du Nord.
Ah, he wondered how many were sincere. And how many were just trying to get on the good side of the Duke and Duchess; the step-son and daughter-in-law to the King.
Edmund sighed at the very idea of the fickle lords and ladies. He got up, moving away from the laden desk. There was somewhere that seemed much more important to be.

The Duke walked along the corridor towards the nursery, feeling lighter as he did so. When he got there, he leant against the open door. The nursery was bright and clean, a stack of gifts to one side for the young heir.
The cot was a beautiful, oak-carved thing from Alannah, for her first grandson. Edmund gazed upon him from afar, he looked too precious. He may be the boy's father, but Edmund always felt afraid to do something wrong with the dear little child.
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