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Jan 12 2015, 10:12 PM
Using your OOC account, post in reply to this thread. The post must include:

1) A list of all characters you want to keep.

2) A list of links to the number of threads/letters/posters you have posted in within the last week, in accordance with the below chart:

1-2 characters = 1 thread
3-4 characters = 2 threads
5-+ characters = 3 threads

Please note that if you have not replied to this activity check (or else post an away notice) you will be considered MIA and your characters and accounts will be dealt with accordingly.

Oct 18 2014, 09:55 PM

The royal child had been born near the end of summer, which meant, days of preparation included, it was officially autumn by the time his birthday celebration could be celebrated.

An announcement had gone out far and wide in the weeks before, written edicts on the matter being pinned and delivered, and heralds crying out the good news in the streets - A son, a son! To the king, a son is born! His name was Jaxon - Prince Jaxon deGrada, heir to the throne of Tetel'ac and the dukedom of Rodan. And thanks to him, his mother was about to become queen.

It had surprised some that Roland had announced his wife's coronation. His last wife, Rhiann, hadn't been offered the crown the entire time she had been living as the King's wife. Some had suspected that Roland would not offer it to Dianne either.

But then again... she had just given him a son.


No expense had been spared. Even the penny-pinching Roland deGrada had reached into the kingdom's bare coffers for the coin to make this week special.

The castle, with its tall, grey walls, was dressed in banners of hunter green and black, the colors of the deGrada family, that fell from high windows and dropped nearly to the ground level. Flags, high above, flew in similar colors, though streamers of festive pennants drifted on the wind as well, bringing an air of merriment to the palatial castle.

Inside, every square inch had been scrubbed clean and polished to a shine, and every spare room and available suite had been rented out to the guests from near and far who were special enough to receive an invitation to visit court for the week.

And what an event it would be: nightly feasts; grand balls; contests of strength and honor in the prince's honor; and, of course, the typical festival-fare of Fexlund and Rodani Gypsies who littered the great lawns with their shows of illusions, music and dancing.

And it would all culminate, at long last, on the final day, with Dianne's coronation in the throne room.
Sep 3 2014, 09:20 PM
So, I'll be gone starting this Saturday afternoon. I'm going to a Renfaire, because they are great and I love playing dress-up, and then as soon as I come back (basically) I'm on a roadtrip to Nashville, TN. Yeah, I know you're jealous. You should be.

I'll be back the 15th

This means that I'm going to be SPOTTY. I am going to do my best not to be ABSENT entirely - every night I might manage to reply to things...

But I can't make promises sad.gif

Between now and Saturday I'll be doing my best to get ahead in threads.
Aug 26 2014, 12:14 PM


Full Name: Analisse Iz'belle Erland
Alias/Nick: Lisse

Title: Lady
Occupation: Lady-in-Waiting

Affiliations: Black Court
Race: Fexlunder

At 5'7, Analisse is a bit tall for a woman. However, through much training she exudes nothing if not a womanly countenance and demure demeanor. Well, most of the time, any way. She keeps her long, dirty-blonde hair pulled back under the rein of a braides, the better to always display her milky tone. She's very proud of her skin, made fashionably pale through the most severe efforts, and the flushed pink they give to her lips. Her eyes are caught between a grey and green tone, dissimilar from most of her family's blue (she takes it from her mother).

Analisse typically dresses in the latest fashion, donning the best her family's money can buy, though she avoids yellow like the plague. Something about the color is so desperately cheery. And if there is one thing a noble should never be, it is desperate.

Analisse was raised to be a Lady. And not just any lady, but a lady who could do better for herself - for her family - in this world. Her perfect manners and poise were practically beaten into her (a sound slap was never uncommon for slouching shoulders) and though she despised it then, she has come to appreciate it some. After all, in truth she was only learning how to catch the eye of better men.

She quickly learned to play men and had them often bending backwards for her favor, but the task was easy, and occasionally trite, and the young lady set her sights elsewhere. he stories told of the civil war, its Black Court and Regesvard had always thrilled Analisse. She easily romanticized the hardships and grace of Rhiann deGrada, a woman shackled to a husband she despised but still so intelligent and strong. She was happy for her when they took the throne and angry when her husband refused her the crown. She dreamed to be in a position of such power. She idolized the dark shadow of a woman she had never met, and never would, and began to seek out information of all sorts from anyone she could. She wanted to be like Rhiann. If she could.

She is flirtatious in a coy manner, so long as being flirtatious with you will get her somewhere. She is outspoken, but only shows it in mild bursts or cutting comments. She is cold hearted, or at least tells herself that she is, and she is ambitious. Naturally. She is Erland.

The Erlands have long been a lording family in Fexlund. They treat their peasant like the peasants they are and do so with contempt. Their betters, on the other hand, they treat with every deserved courtesy and pay their dues with relish.

The name of the game is "climb the ladder."

Analisse grew up in the way of most young women like her. Tutoring in language and history and music and reading and arithmetic. Needlepoint under the supervision of maids and mother figures, dancing in the company of women. And slowly, lessons in courtly manner.

Her family had always been proud supporters of LaRoux. He had been unfairly and unrighteously disposed by the traitorous Regesvard sect. He had been good to their interests. He had been fair. Her uncle, Ditus Erland, died defending him. And then Augustine had risen and the Erlands had been forced to bow and scrape and keep their eyes low and any mention of the pro-LaRoux involvement in the Revolution low-key. Not that Analisse had been there for that. She hadn't been quite born yet...but they told her the stories all the time.

Cousin: Aleks Erland
Jun 5 2014, 03:30 PM
A special note:

My, how time flies. June already? We've all been wrapped up in changing and growing lives. I understand and am happy for us all as we progress and I can only be thankful that we all are still here to talk and write with one another - newcomers and old players alike.

However, with changing times, I would like to remind everyone that what is most important here is the progression of the story line. Sometimes this means people posting more. Sometimes this means people relinquishing characters they can no longer play. And sometimes this means exchanging a character you have grown tired of for a new one. There is no shame in doing any of the above. Only in arresting progress.

Please keep this in mind as you fulfill this month's requirements


Using the account of any one of your characters, post in reply to this thread. The post must include:

1) A list of all characters you want to keep. (Characters not listed will be deleted.)

2) A list of links to the number of threads/letters/posters you have posted in within the last week, in accordance with the below chart:

1-2 characters = 1 thread
3-4 characters = 2 threads
5-+ characters = 3 threads
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