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 Need a lady!
 Posted: Oct 26 2014, 05:36 PM

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Bishop in early thirties seeks lady friend!

Good evening all!

My character Giacomo Chapuys is (hopefully) soon to be bishop of Rodan. I have a plot idea for him but I need a girlie. I hope for him to have an affair with a lady, maybe produce an illegitimate love-child. Then after this affair (it can be a one night thing or longer either suits me ) he will have a panic of conscience and start building a cathedral out of penance. Thus opening the floor to all the shenanigans and problems which comes from having to do so!

so any lady will do. Noble or commoner is fine! Giacomo would likely come into contact with both. He's a quiet chappy who likes a good read and enjoys tending to his ecclesiastical duties.

For further details or any questions feel free to drop me a pm or request my skype biggrin.gif
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