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 Aramil Marcus Cassidy, Application
 Posted: Dec 18 2014, 06:38 PM

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Aramil Marcus Cassidy

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| THIRTY-FIVE | Regesvard Lord (Name here) of Fexlund | REGESVARD

Full Name: Aramil Marcus Cassidy
Alias/Nick: None

Title: Resgesvard Lord Aramil Marcus Cassidy of Fexlund
Occupation:Knight Captain

Affiliations: Regesvard

Aramil stand at a massive 6'4 and weighs in around 200lbs without Armor and clothing. Aramil is very muscular for his average size build. He is not husky nor small in terms of his build but average. His hair is short brown and has Ice cold blue eyes. His skin has a slight tan to it to give it a slight coloration. Aramil always has a military stance and never slouches. Aramil has the first tattoo of the resgavard on his shoulder and the second on the inside of his lip. Aramil also bears whipping scars on his back. In total there is thirty scars across his back.

Aramil is a military man first and foremost and acts accordingly. He always chooses his words wisely and never acts out of place. He knows his place in the hierarchy of the world and politics. He follows his orders to the letter and never lets himself become attached to the world around him. He has a jaded outlook on the world and knows he is just a resource to be used. Aramil is very friendly to anyone he meets and upholds his honor to the best of his abilities. Aramil carried a Long sword and Shield for weapons.


When Aramil was born into the world, his mother and father were well off. His father was a knight in the resgavard which he would eventually follow in his footsteps. His mother on the other hand was a midwife for the king’s court. She would take care of the whole court which meant that Aramil spent a lot of time with the royal family but later on would lose connection with them when his parents passed away never regaining that connection.


Aramil like any other kid had it pretty easy training with the military in his early years but when he turned fourteen things took a turn for the worse. Aramil’s mother had contracted the plague when it reached the kingdom and succumbed to the disease. With only his father to take care of him and his brother it didn’t go smoothly as it had before. His father took to being a drunk and spending all the money they had at the bottom of a pint after pint. During this time his father turned to beating him and his brother. Taking out his anger for their mothers death out on them telling them it was their fault that she was dead. Aramil’s brother got the worst of it as he was older by a year and protected Aramil from their father as best he could but at only fifteen he was no match for their father. The family had taken a low turn in life and their father was throwing it all away. There were days when Aramil and his brother struggled to find something to eat or drink because their father pissed away their last coin for food having to rely on the military feeding them instead of their father.. Eventually after a two years of suffering and beatings they decided enough was enough. They were going to put him down and take control of their lives together. They waited for their father to return that night but he never did. They waited and waited but strangely their father was nowhere to be found. Early that morning soldiers arrived at the house and informed them both that his father was caught stealing from a tavern. He tried to make a run for the gate of the city but was killed by archers on the wall as he refused to obey the soldiers. Aramil’s brother was given the deed to the family house and they left. Aramil and his brother now had what they wanted. Their life back.


After a few years of them living on their own Aramil and his brother had become the town hunters. They went out into the woods and hunted all kinds of game. They also gathered plants and herbs for the shops to make some money to buy food, clothing, etc. It was a good time in their life filled with money, action, women all around them, and more food than they could eat. After a while it became rather boring for them to hunt just animals. It was too easy and they longed for something bigger. So after months of talking and living this life they had created they decided to join the military. Maybe they would march across the country and see places outside of the city they never had been before. They were put into the same training group and little did he knew his brother would never make it out of the boot camp alive. After a month of training they were given real weapons and sent out to fight bandits the military had captured and sent into a secure location they couldn’t escape but had ten acres of land simulating open combat and ambushes. Those who survived would become real soldiers. Aramil and his brother stuck together tracking the bandits with their hones tracking skills from hunting animals for years. They were both alone and away from the pack of training soldiers that were sent to cleanse them. They were ambushed in a small patch of woods. They fought off the bandits but as the fight came to a close Aramil was in a blood lust for his life and turned around stabbing a sword straight through his brothers chest. The look on his brothers face would be burned inside his brain forever. It was a look no brother should ever have to look at as his own family dies by his hand. The horror and pain Aramil felt on that day was too much to bear. He buried his brother where only him and his own brother knew where being as his brother was dead only Aramil knew the location of the body. His brothers last words to him where “Live for me brother.” And so that’s what Aramil did. He returned to the military camp and finished out his training becoming a soldier. Living on through his brother he pushed himself to become the best soldier he could ever be. After years of serving and in multiple attacks on bandits across the country Aramil reached the rank of captain in the military. He commanded men and lead them to their death on multiple occasions without hesitation. Now after all this, he has come to question all that he stood for. Was this what his brother wanted for him? Or was he leading more men like his brother to their death putting more blood on his hands? It was a question every morning Aramil asked himself.

During his Military career before the revolution he met a woman. Khailyn Ziven. She was the most beautiful woman Aramil had seen in his whole life. He felt a connection with her that no one else had with him before. He perused her and eventually they got married. She bore a single child for him who is now seven years old. Even though he has been married to Khailyn for ten years their relationship to say the least is complicated if not separated for the time being. He never approved of her spy work and what she did to get information from her targets. But he knew it was for the good for the cause. What he didn't know was over the years it would get to him so deeply.

During the revolution Aramil had to fight and kill his own brethren. During that time was the darkest for Aramil. He hated having to kill his own people that he swore to defend the innocent and the people that couldn't defend themselves. During this time Aramil had to put down many of his brethren. After the revolution ended Aramil had himself whipped for as many as he killed. 30 scars on his back to remind him everyday of the things hes done and the people he failed to protect. The faces of the men and women that he has killed in the revolution are burned into his memory forever. He has nightmares almost nightly from those faces coming back to drag him to the underworld where he sent them.

Father dead:
Mother: dead
Brother: dead
Wife: Khailiyn ziven
Son: 7 year old son

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 Posted: Dec 27 2014, 01:35 PM

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Hey there!

I'm excited to have Aramil - he looks awesome! Just a few questions before I accept him!

1) So he's a lord because he inherited the title from his father? He has land? Is he home often or does he travel?

2) He's 35 - he joined the Regesvard when? Because the revolution was about 20 years ago, which means Aramil would have been 15 at the time. And it was after the revolution that the tattoo changed from shoulder to lip. So if we can figure out when he joined Regesvard that should help us cemen him a bit biggrin.gif

feel fre to contact me on skype: Teracatha
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